Break Bulk.

Break Bulk.

Cargo that is too huge or too serious to be loaded are often loaded directly onto the vessel. These are notable as Break Bulk cargo's. By providing best in class services for Break-Bulk cargo, We are recognized as a spirited Break-Bulk Handler. Our undisputed technical expertise in handling serious cargo instrumentality, shipment chartering, consultancy and alternative broking services offer the edge on top of our competitors. We ar well aware of the precise necessities and unconventional cargo handling that transpire in break bulk vessel handling.

Our extensive contact with the ship homeowners and charterers ensures that we tend to would offer you coverage to any purpose on the world and at a really competitive rate. We will handle big variety of wares viz : crude, chemicals, veg. oils, iron ore, coal, fertilizers, food grains, general cargo etc.

Our Specializations.

The knowledge and experience of a major broking operation can thus be most effectively channelled to local markets and individual clients.

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